Weekly Trumpet Tips 10/16/12

The Shadow

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Here are your weekly tips:

Tip #1 – Doubling (Video)


Tip #2 – Building Endurance… A FUN Way!

It’s funny how some topics keep coming up in various lessons, and how connected everything “trumpet” is to one another.  But sometimes we get misguided or lost on things…

A couple of the biggest questions that seems to always come up is “How Do I Build Endurance?” and “How Do I Build Range?”  Years ago I was convinced that the day I could hit a Double C, was the day I’d be able to play endlessly with great endurance, power, range, etc.  Sadly – NOTHING was further from the truth.  In fact, it turned out that my endurance didn’t improve hardly at all with increased range… I could STILL wipe myself out in 10 minutes or less!

In a fit of confusion, panic, and frustration, it then dawned on me that range is tied more to endurance than endurance ever will be tied to range!  Once I realized this, I began looking at my building process like an engineer would look at a building.  You can’t stack floors on top of a weak or unstable foundation… it just won’t last.

One of my favorite ways to build / work on endurance is to take one or more books of the Jamey Aebersold series, and play songs with the pre-recorded backing tracks.  Some of those tracks are upwards of 5 minutes long!  String 2 or 3 of them together and don’t take the horn off your face for too long, and now we’re talking about a serious endurance exercise!  Best news?  You don’t even have to improvise!  Just keep playing the melody… as you get more familiar with it, then start adding some of your own little twists to it – including adding some upper register things.  That can be in the upper part of the staff or above… because no one is there telling you that you can’t, shouldn’t, etc.

The only thing that you HAVE to do is rest once you get tired!  Now suddenly, you’re working far more than just chops and endurance… if you start listening to what melody you’re creating, you can start to work on the “musicality” of your playing.  And even if improvisation scares you silly and you have no idea where to begin, simply start with the melody!  Before Be-Bop came along, many great players of the time were doing little more during a solo, than decorating the melodies they were playing over.  So this is a great exercise to get your ears, your mind, and your confidence built up to new levels…

What’cha think?  GO ON!  Give it a whirl…

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Have a GREAT week!