Weekly Trumpet Tips 10/14/14

The Shadow

The Shadow

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Tip #1 – Kiss The Cup!

One of the pieces of advice that I’ve heard and really NEVER agreed with is the whole “UMM” theory of how to form your lips when playing trumpet.  When you say “UMM” you’re essentially tucking your lips in – or rolling in if you will.

I’m not going to say that it’s “wrong” to curl your lips in because I have seen some players that can make that work.  However, for the struggling trumpet player that has attempted it and are still finding themselves hitting a wall, try allowing the air to push your lips into the cup.

The way that I play, my buzzing surface is the “wet pink part” and when I say “UMM” it pulls the vibration surface against my teeth causing shut-off or a pinched / thin sound.

Remember – I am not a believer in one thing fits all… I remain open minded because we’re ALL DIFFERENT physically and as long as you get a great sound, you’re doing something right.  But – NEVER – EVER – sacrifice your sound for a high note!

Tip #2 – Video Performance

Okay – so this isn’t a playing tip, but rather a video of my group performing this past Sunday.  Here is an original tune written by our saxophonist; Bob Sundberg.  Hope you enjoy!


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Have a GREAT week!