Weekly Tips 7/18/10

The Shadow

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Tip #1 – Listening & Learning

As you know from last week’s tips, we spent the week in Juneau, Alaska.  I had the honor and privilege of working with, playing with, and offering suggestions to players there.  One of things that I’ve become more in tune with is when someone asks for advice, and hears something they may not agree with or sounds like too much work, they tend to completely shut off / shut down.

The only way to learn and grow is to completely remain open to new information.  What may strike someone as a ton of work at first, may indeed turn out to be the fastest moving freight train to their desires!

Tip #2 – Climate Affects on Chops!

Being from Austin, TX we tend to get our fair share of heat and humidity during the summer.  I had written at the beginning of summer to be sure to monitor your water intake, stay hydrated, and to take it easy on overly hot days (especially playing outside).  Traveling out of the heat and into rainy, damp, cool temperatures changed things up a bit.  Suddenly, I was watching for chapped lips more than anything.  Despite the damp climate, wind can often play havoc with your skin (lips in this case).  They are part of your instrument and need to be taken care of.  Just as singers tend to watch what they eat, drink, and do with their voices, we too should watch what we do to our chops.  Maynard was always VERY picky about his toothpaste!

Guard the chops…

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“Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone.”

Thomas Carlyle
1795-1881, Philosopher and Author

Have a GREAT week!