Weekly Tips 5/16/10

Welcome To Weekly Tips,

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Here is this week’s tips!

Tip #1 – Taught By Result?

This week I had a chance to help a fellow trumpet player out with some chops things and get them back into working order.  In our conversations, something interesting came up that inspired me to write this week’s tip… so first off, thank you Alan Dean!

I have been in situations where my instructors were telling me to go practice – without guiding me to the proper way of practicing.  I believe it’s a lot more than just having some old fart sitting there yelling at you for not practicing your scales, working on the etudes, or not spending enough time with the horn each week.  It goes deeply into mentoring.  To learn ANY task, I believe students have to be shown absolute proper practice techniques, foundational approaches to practicing, as well as clear and concise instruction as to how to achieve the primary goal.  The “in’s & out’s” if you will.

My tip for you this week is that on ANYTHING that you’re learning it’s important to fully understand so that you can reach your goals quickly, efficiently, and without confusion and frustration from the guessing games that we tend to play.  STOP your instructor and ask for clearer guidance if you’re not getting it!  They are obliged to do so…

Tip #2 – 2 Minute Test

As promised (but a little late) I have put together a 2 minute “test” video to help you identify if you’re pinching your lips… take the test, you may find some interesting results…

I usually include inspirational words each week, well this week I want to honor one of my super heros by posting a video that my buddy Nick forwarded to me of Clark Terry in 1980 with the Tonight Show Band… if this doesn’t inspire us, we need to go try painting flowers.


Have a GREAT week!