Weekly Tips 2/7/2010

The Shadow

The Shadow

Welcome to the Weekly Tips!

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Here are your weekly Tips!

Tip #1 – My wife introduced me to an article that for me, really hit home.  I will provide the actual article in a link, so that you can read it if you would like (I would highly recommend it).  In short, it talks about a support system as a young child and how the lack of one can affect us into adulthood.  Identifying this is a major step for many and I find it relevant because we play one of the harder instruments in the musical world.  We initially start behind the “8 ball” because we have to figure out the “how to” just to make sound.  This tends to be a stumbling block for many aspiring trumpet players and ultimately leads into more problems down the road.

Having a supportive teacher and parents are vital.  ALL musicians hit walls with their playing at one time or another, and that’s when we can really use a support system to keep us inspired and uplifted.  As adult players sometimes it’s even more crucial to have that support because we can easily give it a half hearted go with lots of viable excuses as to why it wasn’t successful.

You can find the article HERE.

Tip #2 This tip comes from Ken Switzer.

Venture into playing venues and situations that are not “nerve wrecking.”  Play material that you are sure you can do – even if a bit nervous — that builds confidence!  Listen and learn from people you like!

BONUS TIP! – This tip comes from Jan Tosti!

A major mistake I have made throughout my 30 years of trumpet playing, is total or almost total lack of warm up, due to being too busy getting on to some “real practicing” Through my recent learning experience, focusing on as many parameters as possible, I have learned this important lesson. I think that a long low impact warm up is the most important single object that will improve my playing on both the short and the long run.

I will post Jan’s example practice record once I get his approval…

Thank you to my contributing writers this week… it’s great to get perspectives from you… please keep those tips coming!  If you’ve stumbled upon something that is working for you and you’d like to share it, please send it our way to bugsytrumpet@gmail.com.

“Those with goals tend to succeed because they are focused and know where they are going, while those without goals do not.”

Ted Karam

Have a GREAT week!