Weekly Tips 1/24/2010

The Shadow

The Shadow

Welcome To Weekly Tips!

Just a reminder, as a special thank you to our friends that have purchased “Secrets to Efficient Brass Playing” we are offering a reduced rate on webcam online lessons. So an $80 hour long lesson will be reduced down to $50… a $45, 30 minute lesson will be reduced to $25… again, this is our way of saying “thank you” for buying my book and to help further support you on your journey! If you’re interested in a lesson, please respond to this weekly tip and we can arrange a time!

Please check out Trumpet Resources!  We have a new Jazz Improvisation course up and running – presented by Sparky Thomason!  This guy can improvise his tail off, and is a great teacher!  Please be sure to have a look!

I also put up my own personal website Keith Fiala.com – here you can watch video and listen to audio tracks that I’ve played on… including recordings with Bill Watrous, Gordon Goodwin, and Guitar star Lance Keltner (Rod Stewart).

Please also keep in mind that we always offer a 25% commission on book sales that come from a referral. Just have the person purchasing the book put your name in the “where did you hear about us” section and we’ll in turn put 25% of the sale back in YOUR Pay Pal account.

If you have any “tips” that you’d like to offer for our weekly tips that seem to work well for you or things that seem to cause you more struggle, please submit them to bugsytrumpet@gmail.com.

Here are your weekly tips –

Tip #1 – Get VERY picky about WHAT you practice and HOW you practice it!  The more detailed you get about your practicing, the more you can resolve to not overlook issues that can easily turn into bad habits.  Rhythm and timing is a BIGGIE!!!  Use a metronome when practicing and be sure to spend a little time just sub-dividing in your head and / or out loud verbally.  The more you use this tactic, the more you’ll develop a steady sense of time without rushing 16th note figures or odd metered time signature songs.

Tip #2 – Trust the process of practicing consistently and consciously!  I am (as those of you who have been following me for some time now know) NOT a big believer in “natural” talent.  I do believe that you have to enjoy whatever it is you’re doing (trumpet playing in this instance) so that when you get frustrated with it (and we ALL do) you can work through those frustrations without throwing in the towel!

So what do I mean about trusting the process?

I believe that when we practice consistently and consciously, we are growing roots!  Imagine yourself planting seeds for an oak tree.  For weeks – sometimes months we “see” nothing.  No growth, no progress, just a place where we dug.  BUT, as we patiently keep watering, nurturing, and watching, we eventually see the little seedling break through the ground.  Most people start the “give up process” because they’re not seeing results within a week.  So they become inconsistent… as they become more inconsistent, they become unconscious when they practice… this leads to a build up of frustration, and often leads to quitting or stalling.

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”

J. Sidlow Baxter
1903-1999, Author and Theologian

Have a GREAT week and keep practicing!


Keith Fiala