Jazz Improv

I’m going to post some of my thoughts on jazz improv on here from time to time. My influences are the usual jazz trumpet players: Miles, Dizzy, Clifford, Lee…the usual people on the family tree starting with Louis Armstrong. Of course, Wynton Marsalis. I also like other players that are a little off of the beaten path, Thad Jones, as a trumpet player as well as the 2nd greatest big band writer ever. That’ll be the subject of my next blog. Woody Shaw, who really expounded on putting what the saxophonists and piano players did on the trumpet, and having the chops enough to pull that off. Musically. Art Farmer, who said more with less words on his horn, as well as in real life. Also, people like Randy Brecker, Tom Harrell, John McNeil, Booker Little, and Eddie Henderson. I will post some of my music on here also. So many people that make totally disparaging comments on youtube.com, for example, can’t play a lick. So I’ll put some things of mine up here and let you decide for yourself. Off to bed. CATCH YA LATER……….SPARKY