Every Performance Is Different!

As I was posting the different versions of my chart, “Ludis Blues”, I was struck by the differences in each of the 4 different performances. The first on on my audio player is the version from our CD, “This is TJO.” The second is from a later performance. The two youtube.com videos are from a year later, from our recent tour of Europe. I like all 4 performances , for different reasons. The CD version is slower, but features a lot of different soloists. All four versions are by the Temple Jazz Orchestra, but subtly different personnel. The lead trumpet player is different on the CDs as the video versions. Both lead players phrase things subtly different, but both Rob Sanders and Keith Fiala played great on all 4 versions. The tempo on the North Sea video version is the fastest, probably fed by the fact that we were playing it as an opener at the greatest jazz festival in the world. It reminded me of the different recordings of the Village Vanguard Orchestra doing “Little Pixie”. Feel free to listen to all four versions and let me know what you think. CATCH YA LATER……….SPARKY