Dynamic Trumpet Teachers

As a professional trumpet player, trumpet teacher, and as a trumpet student I know and understand what it takes to become the best that you can be in playing a difficult and sometimes frustrating instrument!

Many teachers have the basic skills needed to teach others, but do they have the actual ability to be dynamic in their teaching? Great teachers inspire their students to go beyond the basic lessons… dig deeper into the information that is being relayed. Great teachers genuinely care about their students growth…

Dr. David Krueger MD writes “Tell a man that he is brave and you help him become so.” As a teacher, you have to believe what you are saying, for fiend praise and inauthentic interest are forgeries immediately discernible to a child’s expert eye. In other words, if a student “senses” that the teacher is not interested in them or their journey to learn, they will know it instinctually.

Fast forward to adulthood: the same still holds true. Believe in someone and then he or she will show you why you do. Neuroscience has demonstrated that authentic belief in someone activates their brains to create a state of mind that transcends usual thinking and performance.

If more teachers would grasp this concept, as well as parents and the students themselves, more relevant information would be passed on as well as a support system that will last that student a lifetime! Many trumpet students tend to run out of steam with their journey because of a lack of interest… from the teacher!

If you are looking for a good learning resource either for yourself or an inspiring trumpet student, I encourage you to look at our courses (Chops Rehab & Jazz Improvisation) currently available on this site.